I thought only large companies really needed a project manager for their large projects?

Many factors must be considers in deciding whether or not you need a project manager. Know that a survey completed by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2013, only 56% of projects completed over the past 3 years had been successful. Surprisingly, 88%of Canadian leaders indicated that strategic projects were essential to the survival of their business! At CGC, we know and understand what makes businesses tick and we are there to help you succeed!

What is a project?

Planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period of time and within certain cost and other limitations. This could be in relation to: A process you need to improve (too expansive, too lengthy, too inconsistent), client complaints, new equipment, new sales system, moving to a new location, need to document your processes (improve your turn-over / integration process), inventory too costly, etc.

Which type of service could enter in the category of Process Management?

Creating a Dashboard, Documention processes, Identifying and sharing of Best Practices, Task and Process Standardization, 5S workshops, Quality Assurance and Quality Assessment Programs.