Project Management


According to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in 2013, 88%of Canadian leaders indicated that strategic projects were essential to the survival of their business. However, in this same study, only 56% of projects completed in the preceding 3 years were considered successful.


According to experts, the keys to success were :

  • A more structured project management approach, ideally lead by professional project managers;
  • a more iterative approach, such as Agile; and
  • a better risk management and learning transfer approach.

CGC services will deliver this for all your strategic projects. In project management, we will help you succeed by helping you to quickly get from strategy to action.

Using the Agile iterative approach with your team throughout the project phases will ensure risks and learnings are transferred easily and efficiently.  We will also help you document your processes, which will go a long way in sustaining your processes and keeping this knowledge live even through turn-over, ensuring more consistent products and client service.

Agility, speed and quality of action will be put forward efficiently, for your and your client’s greatest pleasure.  


Focus groups

In some cases, various companies will wish to better pinpoint their client needs or issues linking back to a team, a product or a process. In these cases, a focus may be just what the doctor ordered! We’d be happy to assist in the planning, execution and results analysis.

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